Our five day camp will take you completely out of the rat race and give you a reboot in life.  Not only will you train a years worth of martial arts in five days, but you will detoxify and nourish your mind, body, and soul.  

What to expect:

-Top Notch training in hand to hand combat

-Certificate of completion

-Increased health and fitness

-Weight loss


-Chinese cupping therapy

-Education on nutrition

-Custom healthy meals

-Renewed focus of the mind

-Eternal bond of fellow Warrior's Guide students

What will you receive:

​-Warrior House shirt

-Ghost Hand Kung Fu shirt

-Health and Nutrition book

-Warrior's Guide work book

-The secrets to Ghost Hand Kung Fu 1-3

-One Chinese cupping session



Over $3000.00 Value

Original Price $2200

New customer discount $550

Sign up now for $1650

call (847)331-5341 or email southmantis@gmail.com for questions, availability and locations